Opening Soon - 2019

New dispensary facility brings Arrow Alternative Care closer to home for patients in Fairfield County. Our newest location will be opening soon at 806 East Main Street Stamford Connecticut.

Why Choose Arrow Alternative Care?

If you or a loved one is facing a debilitating healthcare diagnosis, and you are considering the integration of medical marijuana into your treatment program, we understand the questions and decisions you may be facing.

We are here to help.

At Arrow Alternative Care, medical marijuana is what we know best and the only thing that we do. As Connecticut’s premiere medical marijuana wellness center and dispensing facility, we’ve been helping patients integrate medical marijuana into their healthcare plans for a long time — since the inception of the CT Medical Marijuana Program in 2014. We keep our patients at the center of all of our work and we’re constantly thinking about how we can support you along the path to integrate medical marijuana into your healthcare plan.

We know more about the science of medical marijuana than ever before — and the outlook of acceptance of medical marijuana by healthcare professionals has never been better. Today more than 1,000 physicians and nurse practitioners in CT have certified over 30,000 patients for the integration of medical marijuana into their treatment plans, changing lives and the quality of life for each every one. As experienced dispensary pharmacists and pioneers in research in CT, we have partnered with physicians and research institutions to continually understand the science of medical marijuana to offer you the best available treatment for your condition.