In 2012, Connecticut became the 17th state to enact a law permitting the legal use of marijuana for palliative, medical purposes. Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 420f, Section 21a-408:
• Provides legal protections to qualified, registered patients for possession and use;
• Allows a physician to certify that a patient has a debilitating medical condition;
• Requires a caregiver only if a physician believes the patient will benefit from having one; and
• Requires qualifying patients and primary caregivers to register with the Department of Consumer Protection, which can be done online with the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Registry System.

LIMITS OF PROTECTION The medical marijuana law protects medical marijuana patients who comply with the law from State civil and criminal penalties. It does not, however, protect marijuana or marijuana products from being seized or people from being prosecuted under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.

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