Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are the gatekeepers to the medical marijuana registration system.  No patient or caregiver can log in to the system until a physician initiates their application. 

Once you, the physician or nurse practitioner, conclude that your patient should be registered with the Department of Consumer Protection for the palliative use of marijuana, you can access our online registration system to certify your patient as meeting the medical pre-requisites for a registration certificate.

Source:  CT DCP Medical Marijuana Program Website

To begin certifying your patients you must:

  • Log in to the registration system using your DEA Number and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • Be prepared to obtain contact information for your patient, including a valid e-mail address and a primary phone number. This information must be included in the patient profile page of your certification before you can submit the certification.

Step by Step Process for Certifying Patients

1. Register - All Physicians and Nurse Practitioners Must Be Registered first

Physicians must create an account with the DAS Business Network to access the online certification system.

Use the following link to register for a free account:

Please make sure to follow the prompts and instructions during the registration process to ensure successful account creation and verification. After completing this one-time registration process and verifying your account via e-mail, you can log in and begin registering patients

Login using the e-mail address and password you established during the DAS Business Network registration process.
Select the “I am a Physician” option and the system will prompt you to provide identifying information:
• DEA Number
• Last 4 digits of your social security number
Review the information provided in the Physician Profile webpage to ensure your information is correct.

3. Certify Your Patient

Select “Add New Patient” to begin entering your patient’s information.

Keep in mind:
• Qualifying patient must be a Connecticut resident.
• Qualifying patient must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older* 

* Minors may be certified if they meet the qualifications and must be certified by two physicians.  Refer to this Step by Step Guide for Guardians to Register a Minor Patient

During the registration process, physicians are required to enter a valid patient’s e-mail address (preferred method).

For patients without an e-mail address, the system allows a physician to create a temporary e-mail address and password for their patient.

4. Designate Caregiver for Your Patient (OPTIONAL)

Based on the patient’s debilitating medical condition, the physician can authorize a caregiver, if needed.
The Caregiver must:

• Manage the well-being of a registered patient with respect to their palliative use of marijuana.

• Be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older;

• Not be the patient’s physician;

• Be responsible for only one (1) patient unless there is a parental, guardianship, conservatorship or sibling relationship with each patient.

• Be a parent, guardian or legal custodian where the adult patient lacks legal capacity.

5. You Are Done - However, the Patient Must Now Register on Biznet. 

Your patient is certified. Please remind your patient to complete their registration at: https://www.biznet.
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